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Cognitive Warfighter Training - Retool your mind

Cognitive warfare training is a specialized type of training that teaches individuals, teams, and organizations how to defend themselves against cognitive attacks. Cognitive attacks are attempts to manipulate or control your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. They can be conducted through a variety of means, including propaganda, disinformation, and psychological operations. We also see adversaries using cognitive warfare targeting security operations, incident response, and cyber security staff. The offer of new jobs with outrageous salaries, flexible work hours, amazing benefits, and unusual perks combined with persistent, continuous cyber attacks leads to fatigue, disillusionment, and a move towards organizational apathy.

Two Hundred for Two Years (Basically Unlimted)

A subscription to all Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training Courses at gives you access to basic through advanced courses, enough to build a well-skilled cyber intelligence program. The courses are self-paced, video-based, with professor’s office hours, assessed assignments and periodic quizzes.

Normal cost for one student and all Treadstone 71 courses is approximately $30K.

Attention Mastery

An important strategy called attention mastery is used against cyber security organizations. Characterized by three elements in cognitive warfare, attention mastery includes the Influencer, who wants to dominate the attention of the target audience. The target audience that intends or is willing to accept the information provided by the influencer and, a medium through which a loyal and stable audience can be maintained for its policies.The bottom line is to reduce your critical thinking and destroy the truth, creating doubt while speeding actions to extreme mental fatigue.The main cyber adversaries wage full-scale wars against you that transcends software. The target is your mind.