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On Demand - Advanced Intelligence Tradecraft Cyber Intelligence Training Course

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Registration runs as on-demand, defined on the main Cyber Intelligence Training Center registration page.

The online courses are instructor video and audio recorded with periodic direct interaction with the instructor via online web meetings. The instructor will have standard office time for question and answer as well as regular access via class email and other messaging options. The target course length is 16 weeks.

Validated and registered students will receive login and preparation information 1 week prior to class start. Prospective students must send an email to [email protected] from a corporate account to validate course eligibility before registration. (Corporate accounts are not Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Mail, Hushmail, Protonmail, and the like). Treadstone 71 reserves the right to restrict course registration based upon certain risk factors.

This course follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training with added extended modules on Structured Analytic Techniques (SATS) and the most important, Analytic Writing. CPEs for the Enhanced course are 46. This course provides 52 CPE.

I. Introduction to Intelligence
II. Critical Thinking
III. Analytic Writing
IV. Creative Thinking
V. Analytic Briefing
VI. Structured Analytic Techniques.
VII. Analytic Issues
VIII. Argument Mapping
IX. Case Studies

Latest student testimonial:
"With my extensive experience working in the Department of Defense on active duty and federal contractor, this training provided industry professionals with a greater perspective for intelligence analysis. The training taught state of the art concepts and applied them to real-world scenarios establishing a solid understanding of using these intelligence tradecrafts to effectively predict and prevent cyber actors from exploiting their organizations. Individuals new to the cyber intelligence field or professionals who want to fine-tune their skills in the intelligence field should strongly consider this training for any intelligence analyst or security professional."

  • Anonymity and Passive Persona setup
  • Glossary and Taxonomy
  • Operational Security - OPSEC
  • What Intelligence Can and Cannot Do
  • Open-Source Intelligence Techniques and Tools
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Intelligence Requirements to PIRs
  • STEMPLES Plus - Hofstede Principles - Indicators of Change
  • Adversary Targeting - D3A F3EAD
  • Collection Methods and Techniques
  • Collection Planning, IRs/PIRs/EEIs/Indicators/SIRs
  • Collection Process Flow
  • Collection (OSINT) Tools and Targeting
  • Most likely Threat Actors
  • Hunch.ly
  • Use of Maltego – overview
  • Open Semantic Search - Oracle Virtual Box - OVA setup - Tracelabs
  • Darknet Sites of Interest
  • Social Media - Off the beaten path review of social media platforms not in the mainstream
  • Burn phone set up and use (US Only)
  • Intelligence Lifecycle Production Methods
  • Structured Analytic Techniques – Their use - Case Study
  • Extended Structured Analytic Techniques - In-depth coverage
  • Adversary Denial and Deception
  • Source Credibility and Relevance - The real NATO Admiralty Scoring - CRAAP Tool for Relevance
  • Source Validation
  • Denial and Deception
  • Confidence Levels
  • Types of evidence
  • Production Management
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Cognitive Bias
  • Use of Mitre ATT&CK in Analysis
  • ATT&CK in examining patterns and trends
  • ATT&CK in Adversary tendencies
  • Estimation and Forecasting
  • Campaign analysis
  • Types and Methods of Analysis
  • Synthesis and Fusion
  • Analysis of Competing Hypothesis
  • Inductive, Abductive, Deductive Reasoning
  • Problems with Analysis
  • Analytic Writing, BLUF, AIMS, Rules for Effective Writing
  • Extend Analytic Writing with additional assignments and peer review
  • MS Word for Effective Writing
  • The Hemingway Editor
  • Forecasting in your writing
  • Argument Mapping
  • Types of Reports
  • Product Line Mapping
  • Report Serialization, and Dissemination
  • Threat Hunting with TaHiTI & MaGMa
Live Case Studies – Class briefs
  • All Case Studies use all methods, techniques, and tools referenced in the course material. The Case Studies used are straight from the headlines giving students real-world experience during the class.
All students receive 2 books and 50 plus course documents and other course material.

The course delivers pragmatic and practical examples for attendees immediate use upon return to their organizations:

  • Use language that is recognized across the intelligence assessment community.
  • Assist stakeholders with intelligence requirements
    • Understand what Intelligence is and is not
  • Create useful intelligence requirements
  • Develop collection plans with precise targeting and tool selection
  • Provide evaluation and feedback necessary for improving intelligence production, intelligence reporting, collection requirements, and operations
  • Skill in using multiple analytic tools, databases, and techniques such as divergent/convergent thinking, ACH, SATS, etc.)
    • Skill in applying various analytical methods, tools, and techniques (e.g., competing hypotheses; chain of reasoning; scenario methods; denial and deception detection; high impact-low probability; network/association or link analysis; Bayesian, Delphi, and Pattern analyses)
  • Knowledge of how to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize large quantities of data (which may be fragmented and contradictory) into high quality, fused intelligence products
  • Execute safe collection in any environment
  • Ensure data provenance during collection
  • How to validate sources and data credibility
  • Provide subject matter expertise in developing cyber operations indicators
  • Consider efficiency and effectiveness of collection resources when applied against priority information requirements
  • Facilitate continuously updated intelligence, surveillance, and visualization input for stakeholders
  • Skill in identifying cyber threats which may jeopardize organization and supply chain interests
  • Identify collection gaps and potential collection strategies against targets
  • Knowledge of denial and deception techniques
  • Knowledge of intelligence analytic reporting principles, methods, and templates.
  • Ability to recognize and mitigate cognitive biases which may affect analysis
  • Ability to clearly articulate intelligence requirements into well-formulated research questions and requests for information
  • Ability to communicate complex information, concepts, or ideas in a confident and well-organized manner
  • Ability to develop or recommend analytic approaches or solutions to problems and situations for which information is incomplete or for which no precedent exists

Target audience (who should attend):

This course is intended for

-Intelligence analysts, advanced analysts, those charged with peer review of reports, analytic writers, open-source intelligence collectors, researchers, cyber risk management professionals, incident response leadership, security operations leadership, CISO, CIO, students, cybercrime investigators, analytic report writers, recipients of internal and external intelligence (critical), curious professionals wishing to learn cyber intelligence tradecraft and intelligence strategies.

Requirements (knowledge pre-requisites)

Students should

-be familiar with Internet browsers, Office 365, general intelligence concepts

Hardware/Software Requirements

Students should have

-Laptop with administrative access, 8GB RAM, 100GB free hard drive space, Windows operating system works best but Mac with a VM for Windows works as well.

Students who complete the course will be certified as Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Professional. 52 CPEs awarded for the course. This course is highly specialized following intelligence community tradecraft. You won’t get this at SANS. You won't get this anywhere but from Treadstone 71. If you want purely technical, then this is not the course for you. If you want tradecraft that lays the foundation for a solid program, education that creates a lasting impact, then this is the course for you.

Course books and manuals will be provided to students upon accepted enrollment. This course follows traditional intelligence community tradecraft. Treadstone 71 has been teaching cyber intelligence courses in various forms for six years. From academic settings and corporate environments to government facilities. Our customers include some of the largest firms in the world many of whom are part of critical infrastructures recognizing the need to learn how to create intelligence (www.treadstone71.com). We support our training with onsite consulting services that teach you how to create a sustainable program aligned to stakeholders. Ultimately, we teach you what most vendors cannot or will not – how to fish for yourself.

Course Fee, Course Lab, and Materials Fee (includes books, templates, structured techniques application, etc.).

This course combines lecture, research, and hands-on team assignments. Students are best served using a PC but a MAC will do (a virtual machine running windows on the Mac is best if you only have a Mac).

How is this course different from the current Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence course?

This course provides definitive sections along the intelligence lifecycle that are in-depth. Students are required to demonstrate understanding and use of collection methods using defined targets and target case studies, understanding and applying analytic techniques, when and how to use analytic techniques and analytic types. Students are presented case studies for analysis, required to use tradecraft methods, and provide written reports in standard analytic format. Students are also required to orally present their deliverables to the class. You will leave this course with the tools, methods, and understanding necessary to enhance your intelligence program.

“The Cyber Intelligence Training delivered and created by Jeff Bardin will add rapid returns to both Cyber Intel Analysts, and your Security Operations. This very thorough class adequately prepares the student for your Cyber Intelligence function. This class starts with the history of intelligence as a tradecraft and the evolution to the digital corporate world. Along the way, each student receives quality instruction and hands-on experience with today’s OSINT tools. This is necessary for anyone new to Cyber Intelligence and complimentary to any Security Operations within your enterprise. This class provides the student with the resources and fundamentals needed to establish cyber intelligence as a force as both a proactive offensive step and a counter intelligence-contributing arm of your larger team.”

“The class was very detail orientated with a strong focus on the work of Cyber threats and how to better secure your assets against potential attacks. For most scenarios, we went through he had an open-source tool, or the link to a paid version, to monitor or prevent the attacks from occurring. He was able to answer each and every question asked with specific details, and then some. I would sign up again right away for any other classes offered by Jeff.”

"Fantastic class that gets to the foundational aspects of traditional tradecraft. We studied hard examining recent attack campaigns. The analysis training prepared me for real-world efforts. Have to say this is one of the best classes I have ever taken having taken many from SANS. SANS does not compare. They are more of a class mill today. The Treadstone 71 course material is unique, focused, and timely."

“The Cyber Intelligence training offered by Treadstone71 is definitely an outstanding course and I recommend it for any organization looking to implement an intelligence capability. Jeff Bardin is extremely knowledgeable in the intelligence tradecraft and applies it to the cyber realm in a way that is understandable, exciting to learn, and makes it easy to achieve “quick wins” in the organization after completing his class. Jeff provided the class with a multitude of tools, templates, and documents that can immediately be used by any organization focused on intelligence collection and analysis. Jeff arrived well prepared to teach the course and one of the most impressive aspects of the class was that he presented the material in a way that displayed his personal knowledge and experience in the field rather than relying solely on book material. We intend to continue leveraging Jeff’s services as we mature our cyber intelligence capability and highly recommend Treadstone71’s services to any organization.”

“This is one of the best, if not the best, Cyber Threat Intelligence training course I've attended.”

“This course was excellent. I was concerned coming into it that I would already know all the course material (I have been doing this sort of work for 15 years, specifically the type of work this course covered). As it turns out, it was a good reminder of what I should be doing to improve structure and rigor, and provided good tools, some of which I had not seen before. If I was new to this field or looking for a good insight into how Intelligence should work (i.e.: most of the rest of the class), I believe this would have provided even more value. I have already recommended it to a couple of my former colleagues in this line of business and would happily recommend it for future use by ########.”

Course material is not for resale or commercial use outside the end-user license agreement. Course material may not be used for competitive purposes.

Your Instructor

Jeff Bardin
Jeff Bardin

Former adjunct professor of Cyber Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Cybercrime (Utica College) and Information Security Risk Management (Clark University). Experienced in cyber intelligence lifecycle services and support, cyber counterintelligence services and analysis, active defense and cyber operations. Commercially teach Cyber Intelligence (Anonymity, Sockpuppets, Cyber Collection, Clandestine Cyber HUMINT, Socio-Cultural Aspects of Intelligence, Lifecycle, Critical Thinking, Cognitive Bias, Methods and Types of Analysis and Methods, Structured Analytic Techniques, Analytic Writing, BLUF/AIMS Delivery, and Dissemination), Jihadist Online Recruitment Methods, cyber influence operations, high-value target development, deception planning, deception operations management, Middle Eastern Cyber Warfare Doctrine, adversary dossier development and social-cultural analysis, jihadist training and gaming as a method of training, information and intelligence sharing, threat intelligence platform selection, non-inclusively.

Jeff Bardin is the Chief Intelligence Officer for Treadstone 71 with clients on 4 continents. In 2007, Jeff received the RSA Conference award for Excellence in the Field of Security Practices. His team also won the 2007 SC Magazine Award – Best Security Team. Jeff sits or has sat on the Board of Boston Infragard, Content Raven, Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare, and Wisegate and was a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance. Jeff served in the USAF as a cryptologic linguist and in the US Army / US Army National Guard as an armor officer, armored scout platoon leader.

Mr. Bardin has extensive experience in cyber intelligence lifecycle services, program builds, targeted research and support, cyber counterintelligence services and analysis, deception planning, and cyber operations. He teaches Cyber Intelligence and Counterintelligence (Anonymity, Cyber Personas, Collection management, Clandestine Cyber HUMINT, Socio-Cultural Aspects of Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Cognitive Bias, Methods and Types of Analysis, Mitre ATT&CK, Structured Analytic Techniques, Analytic Writing, Briefings, and Dissemination), open source intelligence, strategic intelligence, operational/tactical/technical intelligence, and methods in media manipulation identification.

He has BA in Special Studies - Middle East Studies & Language from Trinity College and an MS in Information Assurance from Norwich University. Jeff also attended the Middlebury College Language School for additional language training. Mr. Bardin also spent two+ years studying Russian history, literature, political systems, and language. He lived and worked in the Mediterranean area, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Persian Gulf Region, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jeff was an adjunct instructor of master’s programs in cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, cybercrime and cyberterrorism at Utica College. Mr. Bardin has also appeared on CNN, CBS News Live, FoxNews, BBCRadio, i24News, BBN, and several other news outlets and has contributed bylines to Business Insider non-inclusively.

We started teaching these courses in 2009 and have continued to update and hone them while maintaining true to the intelligence community standards. We have since built cyber threat intelligence programs for Fortune 500 firms and government organizations on four continents while providing targeted research against adversaries and nation-states.

Treadstone 71:

We founded the company in 2002 and started creating cyber personas and infiltrating al-Qaeda sites collecting information and sharing it with various US-based organizations in 2004. In 2009-10, we started teaching Cyber Intelligence, Cyber CounterIntelligence and Cyber Crime courses at the master’s level at Utica College where we established the intelligence program. After three years of teaching at the academic level, we switched to the commercial space honing the courses to CIA/DIA style tradecraft as aligned to the cyber environment using the skills acquired in 2004. Since that time, we have continued to update the courses using real-world case studies as part of the training.

We have kept the company purposely small and now offer the training courses (www.treadstone71.com/cyber-intelligence-trainingan... www.cyberinteltrainingcenter.com) as well as Cyber Threat Intelligence maturity assessments, strategic and program planning, active research, collection, and reporting. We also perform Threat Intel Platform assessments, selection, and rollout activities for clients. We have clients in the US, EU, Australia, and Asia with active proposals in the Middle East. My personal background is as an Arabic Linguist (USAF / NSA), Russian Linguist, and CISO financial services, government contracts, insurance, and cybersecurity vendors. We have also acted as a critical resource for government CISOs in the past authoring their agency strategic plans, program plans and responding to Congressional inquiries on their behalf.

Jeff has spoken at RSA, NATO CyCon (Estonia), the US Naval Academy, the Air Force Institute of Technology, the Johns Hopkins Research Labs, Hacker Halted, Malaysian Cyberjaya, Secureworld Expo, Hacktivity (Budapest), IS2 Prague, London (RSA), ISSA, Security Camp (Cairo), and several other conferences and organizations.

Mr. Bardin has authored books and contributed chapters to several other books most recently Current and Emerging Trends in Cyber Operations from George Washington University. Recently edited and provided content for Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow by Deborah Morley, Charles S Parker - 11th edition (March 2006 release). Reviewer for Building an Information Security Risk Management Program from the Ground Up (Evan Wheeler), Author Chapter 33 Computer Information Security Handbook 5th Edition - SAN Security. Author Chapter on Satellite Security - Computer Information Security Handbook 6th Edition. Author - The Illusion of Due Diligence - Notes from the CISO Underground (April 2010 release).

Treadstone 71 is a pure play intelligence company focusing on targeted research of adversaries building in-depth dossiers recording methods, tactics, techniques, procedures, known associates, memberships and psychological profiles. We author Current, Research/Foundational, Advisories, STEMPLES Plus, and Estimative Intelligence reports. We create profiles of high value targets including ‘know your customer’ profiles delivering assessments and gaps in protections with recommendations and opportunities.

We are known for building Strategic Intelligence Programs from vision, mission, guiding principles, goals, objectives, 36-month plans, policies, procedures, process flows, SOPs, KPIs, CSFs, training and awareness programs for intelligence. We also help establish internal intelligence community programs from technical and tactical to operational and strategic including physical, competitive, business, and cyber.

We have taught classes to and/or worked with/for:

AIB, American Express, Capital One, NATO, Belgian Military Intelligence, Commonwealth Bank, Bank of America, ING, NCSC NL, American Electric Power, Nationwide, Battelle, Standard Chartered, Columbus Collaboratory, Anomali, Defense Security Services, PNY, Dell Secureworks, HPE Security, EclecticIQ, Darkmatter (AE), General Electric, General Motors, PNC, Sony, Goldman Sachs, NASA, DoD, East West Bank, Naval Air Warfare Center, VISA, USBank, Wyndham Capital, Egyptian Government, DNB Norway, Euroclear, Malaysian Cyberjaya, People's United Bank, Baupost Group, Bank of North Carolina, Cardinal Health, Huntington, L Brands, OhioHealth, Fidelity Investments, Citi, Citigroup, T. Rowe Price, Wells Fargo, Davis Polk, Thrift Savings Plan, Discover, Equifax, Blackknight Financial Services, Schwab, GM, FRB, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Citizens Financial Group, Cleveland Clinic, Scottrade, MetLife, NY Life, Essent, Harvard University, Charles River Associates, Synchrony Financial, In-Q-Tel, TD Ameritrade, First Citizens Bank, M&T Bank, Western & Southern, American National Bank of TX, National Reconnaissance Office, OCBC Bank Singapore, Spentera, FBI, W.R. Berkley, F-Secure, People’s United Bank, Stellar Solutions, Lockheed Martin, Harvard Pilgrim, Symantec, State of Florida, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Mitsubishi UFG Trust and Banking Corporation, Target, Tri Counties Bank, Mass Mutual, Tower Research, Latham and Watkins LLP, Geller & Company, KeyBank, Northern Trust, Fannie Mae, BB&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan, Farm Credit Services of America, Aviation ISAC, Regions Financial Corporation, Intercontinental Exchange (The ICE), Vista Equity Partners, JP Morgan Chase, Archer Daniels Midland, Nacha, Barclays, Options Clearing Corporation (OCC), Expo2020, Abu Dhabi Smart Solution's and Services Authority, Merck & Co., Inc Nomura International, ING, Finance CERT Norway, iPipeline, BBVA, PenFED, Santander, Bank of America, Equifax, BNY Mellon, UBS Group, OCC, Verizon, Vantiv, Raymond James, Bridgewater Associates, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BBVA, Promontory Interfinancial Network, Bank of Canada, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Ocean First Bank, International Exchange, Splunk, Vero Skatt, Ernst & Young, Relativity, Ultimate Software, Vista Equity Partners, Aetna, QBE Insurance Group, ACI Universal Payments, Betaalvereniging Nederland, Dutch Police, Motorola Solutions, Intel Corporation, Salesforce, Singapore Ministry of Defence, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), National Australia Bank Limited, non-inclusively (as well as several other firms by proxy as they hire qualified intelligence professionals trained by Treadstone 71).

Focus on targeted research of adversaries building in-depth dossiers recording methods, tactics, techniques, procedures, known associates, memberships and psychological profiles. Author Current, Research/Foundational, PESTELI, deception planning and operations, psychological operations, and Estimative Intelligence reports. Create profiles of high value targets including ‘know your customer’ profiles delivering assessments and gaps in protections with recommendations and opportunities.

Strategic Intelligence Program builds from vision, mission, guiding principles, goals, objectives, 36-month plans, policies, procedures, process flows, SOPs, KPIs, CSFs, training and awareness programs for intelligence. Building internal intelligence community programs from technical and tactical to operational and strategic including physical, competitive, business, and cyber.

Course Curriculum

  Data Provenance - Hunchly - OPSEC - Rules of Engagement
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Intelligence Requirements and Adversary Targeting
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lecture 4 - Week 4 - Analysis of Competing Hypothesis
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lecture 5 - Week 5 - Critical Thinking
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lecture 6 - Week 6 - Cognitive Bias and Mitre ATT@CK
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lecture 7 - Week 7 - Types of Analysis and Analytic Reporting
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lecture 8 - Week 8 - Argument Mapping and Threat Hunting
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course run?
The Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification online course is geared to accommodate times for students globally. Meaning, office hours for discussions, questions/answers will vary weekly from 6AM Eastern Time to 6PM to 9PM (as examples) Eastern time based upon locations of enrolled students. Office hours will not be the same weekly unless all students happen to be from a specific time zone (unlikely this will happen). Courses are released in the 'drip' method just like attending a university course with weekly lectures, readings, and assignments. Recorded lectures will be available weekly for students to review. Lectures are followed by individual and team exercises that focus on Case Studies and online research cover the 8 weeks of the course. Normal time spent per week is from 5-6 hours. The office hours are live and not required but available should students have questions. Students may also contact the instructor directly via phone, text, Cyphr, Wickr, Signal, etc., should they have out of band questions. In addition, there will be an online forum for online Q&A. The online course is exactly the same as the face to face minus the travel. Same content, same books, etc. We just start and finish on Saturday. Office Hours: • These are much like college office hours for Q&A. We may hold a lecture or 2 that is live and need-based upon student requests. We intend to keep office hours at no more than 60 minutes maximum. • Since the lectures will be available online, students will have an opportunity to review them throughout the course. • The team delivers, and it is the expectation that all on the team will actively participate. We are considering team ratings.
How long do I have access to the course?
The course runs for 10 weeks from the published start date although if you run into any potential issues, we can easily extend the course time. Just send us an email.
Course EULA - REQUIRED Treadstone 71 LLC ("T71") IS WILLING TO LICENSE THE T71 Cyber Intelligence Training (COLLECTIVELY, "COURSE") UPON THE CONDITION THAT YOU ACCEPT ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS NON-COMMERCIAL VERSION LICENSE AGREEMENT ("AGREEMENT"). PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE MOVING AHEAD WITH THIS COURSE. BY INSTALLING OR USING THE INFORMATION ON THE PROVIDED USB, YOU ARE CONSENTING TO BE BOUND BY AND ARE BECOMING A PARTY TO THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, T71 IS UNWILLING TO LICENSE THE COURSE TO YOU ("YOU"), AND YOU SHOULD NOT INSTALL OR USE THE COURSE. NON-COMMERCIAL VERSION LICENSE To qualify for a Non-Commercial Version License, You must: (1) use the Course for non-commercial purposes as defined herein. The term "Non-Commercial Version License" is limited to using the concepts, methods, processes, procedures, and plans for internal organizational use. 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Once I enroll, what happens?
You receive an invitation email from Teachable.com, the online portal hosting our training classes. The email requires your registration into the course. One week before the course starts, we send you information on course requirements, what you will receive, links to other information, proper email addresses for books and other course information.
Course Cancellation Policy
If you wish to cancel your course registration, your registration fee will be fully refunded when written notification is received 30 days before class start. After that date, if you need to cancel your registration, please email [email protected] with the reason why you need to cancel. If you have accessed the content (i.e., the class has started) we will be unable to refund your registration fee. Refunds will be issued back to the original payment method used within 5-7 business days minus platform registration fees.

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