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Take intellectual journey with Treadstone 71, your gateway to next-gen intelligence mastery. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned intelligence professional, our Certified Cyber Intelligence Analyst online courses present a wide-ranging spectrum of opportunities steeped in innovation and innovative approaches.

AI-Infused Training

  1. Exclusive Public and Private Training Options
  2. Public Training: Engage in a high-energy, interactive setting to collaborate with peers and industry-leading experts.
  3. Private Training: Examine tailor-made training pathways tailored meticulously to align with your organization's objectives. For exclusive corporate training solutions, reach out to us directly.
  4. Limited Time Special Subscription

Secure one of only twenty special subscription packages priced at $99,990, offering an expansive range of forty-two courses for up to five hundred students for the duration of the one year subscription. At a cost-effective rate of just $4.71 per course, this package is ideal for enterprises looking to scale their intelligence capabilities.

The Treadstone 71 Training Value Proposition

Immersive In-person and Virtual Classes

Featured In-Person Class:

AI-Infused Cyber Intel and CounterIntel

  • Other Available Classes: Treadstone 71 is the gold standard for intelligence training, offering community-validated courses modeled after U.S. Intelligence Community standards but uniquely adapted for the complex terrain of cyberspace.

Extensive Course Offerings

  • Basic Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft – 40 CPE
  • Intermediate Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft – 46 CPE
  • Advanced Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft – 52 CPE
  • Strategic Intelligence Analysis - A rigorous online curriculum covering end-to-end cyber intelligence lifecycle, with enriched exercises in analytic writing, structured techniques, adversarial targeting, and effective collection management.
  • Advanced Topics in Cyber Intelligence - 100 CPE

Our course material is accompanied by CPE credits and Certificates of Completion, ensuring a tailored learning experience that works around your schedule and commitments.

Flexible Course Management

Treadstone 71 provides an adaptive, learner-centric approach, encompassing weekly lectures, interactive quizzes, and real-world case studies. We designed our training to accommodate disruptions like holidays, work obligations, and unexpected life events.

Subscription Services: The Beacon Series

Unlock an in-depth understanding of intelligence with our Beacon Series, featuring modules on analytic rigor, advanced writing techniques, mastering cognitive attention, weaponizing psychological insights, and training as a cognitive warfighter.

Join Treadstone 71 and Redefine Your Intelligence Future

Discover what sets Treadstone 71 apart—meticulously designed courses that span the full breadth of the cyber intelligence lifecycle, practical templates to kick-start your program, and specialized training in strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence, complete with hands-on case studies.

Treadstone 71—Where Intelligence Meets Innovation

All Online Courses on Sale with a One Year Subscription - 500 Hundred Students (Basically Unlimited) - 20 Subscriptions / Under $5/course

Advanced Topics in Cyber Intelligence - 23 courses bundled at over 50% off the retail price

All Treadstone 71 courses include: Protection Status

  1. A minimum of 8 weeks of online access easily extended to 12 or 16
  2. Hands-on case studies using cyber OPSEC methods for passive collection against adversaries
  3. Certified Cyber Intelligence program - Certified Cyber CounterIntelligence program
  4. 40 CPEs to 60 CPEs
  5. Courseware and materials (Depending on the course - VPN, Templates, Process Flows, Books (Kindle), Examples, Procedures)
  6. High-quality recorded instruction and Direct access to the instructor
  7. The Cyber Intelligence Course follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards For Intelligence Analyst Initial Training (IAFIE) and the Professional Head of Intelligence Analysis Framework (PHIA).

International Association For Intelligence Education - IAFIE:

I. Introduction to Intelligence II. Critical Thinking III. Analytic Writing IV. Creative Thinking V. Analytic Briefing VI. Structured Analytic Techniques. VII. Analytic Issues VIII. Argument Mapping IX. Case Studies

Professional Head of Intelligence Assessment - PHIA:


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Course Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your course registration, your registration fee will be fully refunded when written notification is received 30 days before class start. After that date, if you need to cancel your registration, please email [email protected] with the reason why you need to cancel. If you have accessed the content (i.e., the class has started) we will be unable to refund your registration fee. Refunds will be issued back to the original payment method used within 5-7 business days (normal Teachable/Stripe processing time) minus platform registration and other fees such as books. Protection Status

Attention Mastery - Cognitive Warfare

Cyber Cognitive Warfighters,