Training and Instruction following Intelligence Community Tradecraft

Strategic and cover Operational, Tactical, and Technical Intelligence VETERAN DISCOUNTS 20% - CONTACT TREADTONE 71 TO GET YOUR DISCOUNT "The best course we have ever taken by far!" Challenging, focused, forcing us to examine every facet of our threat intelligence program." - February 2020 "Spent years in the intelligence community and know my stuff. This course hits the mark and expands into the cyber environment unlike what the government teaches..." February 2019

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  • Analytic Writing, Reporting, & Dissemination
  • Cyber CounterIntelligence Tradecraft - Certified Threat CounterIntelligence Analyst
  • Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft - Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • Intelligence for the C-Suite
  • Collection Manager's Course
  • Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Forecasting, Estimative and Warning Intelligence
  • Structured Analytic Techniques
  • OPSEC for Collection
  • Blended and Specialized Training

Pre-recorded Webinars

  1. Stakeholder Management
  2. Adversary Targeting - Threat Matrices
  3. Intelligence Requirements
  4. STEMPLES Plus - Indicators of Change
  5. Collection Management

Treadstone 71 gives you any time, anywhere access to the most intensive, intelligence community validated training. Our courses follow standards only taught in the US Intelligence Community fully adapted to the cyber environment. Our class have been taught online since 2008 and are taught intelligence community professionals

All Treadstone 71 courses include:
  1. A minimum of 8 weeks of online access easily extended to 12 or 16
  2. Hands-on case studies using cyber OPSEC methods for passive collection against adversaries
  3. Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence program
  4. 40 CPEs
  5. Courseware and materials
  6. High-quality recorded instruction
  7. Direct access to the instructor
  8. Access to cyber intelligence program templates and forms
  9. The Cyber Intelligence Course follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training.
    I. Introduction to Intelligence
    II. Critical Thinking
    III. Analytic Writing
    IV. Creative Thinking
    V. Analytic Briefing
    VI. Structured Analytic Techniques.
    VII. Analytic Issues
    VIII. Argument Mapping
    IX. Case Studies